The heart of what we do

CV Creations is named after our founder who has always believed that desserts are more than just a way to cap off a meal. It's an avenue of expression.

Every cake design has its own character, meaning and relevance to our valued clients.

All cakes that we design are co-creations.

check out some of our recent co-creations:

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Below is a quick guide on things to consider for your customized cake.

Taste is queen!

A beautiful cake design is just the icing on the cake. It has to taste as good as it looks!

Choose from our standard cake bases as a start.

The cake's foundation

The size and the number of tiers set the canvass of the cake that we'll co-create with you.

Your vision, our inspiration

Let us know your preferred design and we'll turn it into cake-reality for you!

Need some materials to start with?

You may check our CV Creations gallery for some of our recent co-creations.

CV Creations Gallery

Price Guide

There are several elements in every cake design and there are many ways to turn your design into reality.

Here's a quick guide to help with pricing estimates.

price estimates are based on minimum ranges. actual prices will still depend on actual design

Let's co-create your cake!

A personalized design means a personal cake design process.

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